Mile Training Program

How Fast Can you Run a Mile?

The Run SMART Project is the Brooklyn Mile’s official coaching service. They are offering all registered participants ten weeks of FREE individualized training leading up to the race. Set a goal for yourself this summer and discover how fast you can run the mile!

Official training guidance starts 10 weeks prior to the race on April 7. The deadline to sign up to receive any free customized workouts is April 28, so please ensure that your friends and/or training partners have also registered for the Brooklyn Mile by that important deadline.

Each participant who signs up via the coaching invite button below will 1) need to accept the forthcoming coaching invite, and 2) set up their VDOT O2 training calendar account (if they don’t have one already). That participant will then receive 2 x Quality Sessions per week in advance of the Brooklyn Mile. The VDOT app will assess each participant’s current running fitness and then calculate individualized training paces for their specific workouts. The result? More effective training.

Download the iPhone or Android versions of the VDOT O2 app to get notified when workouts are uploaded to your phone/training calendar each week. For those participating with questions about training, contact On your mark, get set, let’s go!

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USATF Master Coach Dr. Jack Daniels Discussed Mile Racing Tactics

jack-daniels“Most runners go out too fast the first 400m of a mile, followed by major slowing down over the second 400m. Interestingly, most runners run the third 400m about equal to the second 400m (both of which are rather slow compared to the first 400), and then try to finish with a faster final 400m (or final 200m).

To maintain a better overall pace, try to run the first 400m at the pace that, if evenly paced, would be a second or two slower than your current best mile pace. Then, make a concerted effort for the second 400m to be 2-3 seconds faster than the first 400m. Interestingly, the third 400m still tends to duplicate the second 400m. Then, you have two strong 400s after a reasonable first 400m, rather than a couple poor 400s after going out too fast the first 400m. Now there is just 400m to go, so see what you have left.”